Scott, Bruce, Peter are all natives of New England and the Ogunquit area. We have been enjoying the hospitality business for years and love what we do. We are thrilled with our expansion of 2V to our properties for 2010. Our other properties include the award winning Diamond Resort Inn Gazebo Inn Ogunquit, and our all pet friendly motel Captains Quarters.

  Scott (Right)- Scott grew up in Wolfeboro New Hampshire where he started working in the hospitality business since the age of 14.  Scott has been enjoying Ogunquit and the Footbridge beach since his early childhood and loves sharing this beautiful village by the sea.  Scott and Bruce met at Northeastern in 1987 and have been partners ever since.  They moved to Ogunquit in 1995 and purchased the Gazebo Inn Ogunquit in 2005.

Bruce (Left)- Bruce a native of Middlebury, Vermont, was born for the hospitality industry.  Bruce also spent many summers in Ogunquit growing up. Bruce, recently left the corporate world after 19 years with IBM,  is now a full time Innkeeper as well .

Bruce is always around to brighten up eveyones day with a smile, and eager to help everyone on the area and restaurants.

Peter Hill - Manager of our properties, a Wells, Maine Native,  Peter, in his seventh year with us is amazing at what he does. He is always very eager to help all with anything to enhance your stay. Peter is also an acomplished photographer and has taken the majority of the photos on our web sites and shoots all of our weddings and elopements.  Peters Wife Tricia Hill is our Innkeeper at the Nellie Littlefield Inn & Spa.